What does it mean to be a full-service agency? Let’s just say if we were a car wash, you’d be getting “The Works.”

Trickey Jennus Brand Strategy Service Orange Icon

Brand strategy

Finding that nugget. That valuable insight that leads to a smart solution. It all starts with getting to know your organization, the landscape and your audience.

  • Brand analysis and development
  • Strategic messaging
  • Customer and competitive research
  • Brand measurement and analysis
Trickey Jennus Creative Concept Development Service Orange Icon

Creative concept development and execution

Imagine. Create. Cut through. We don’t just bring brands to life, we help them stand out and flourish through our unconventional thinking and impeccable craft.

  • Identity and branding
  • Creative conceptualization
  • Design and development
  • Execution and production for all media
  • Creative testing
Trickey Jennus Media Strategy And Planning Service Orange Icon

Media strategy and planning

What’s driving your message? Who’s it reaching? Where and when? We’ve got the latest tools of the trade to help us research, study and choose the right channels in both traditional and digital media.

  • Industry-trusted consumer data and audience measurement (Scarborough, Nielsen, etc.) to unveil media consumption behavior
  • Track/monitor competitors’ trends and share of voice (VoiceTrak, AdIntel, Kantar)
  • Thorough key word research and robust search ad writing
  • Customized digital assessment tool
  • Media vehicle audit and analysis
  • First-party or proprietary research/data
Trickey Jennus Media Management Service

Media management and reporting

Results in real-time. Our always-on, fully transparent approach to budget management, media measurement and analytics reporting helps us make informed data-driven decisions for future planning.

  • Set overall campaign goals (brand lift, lead generation, etc.)
  • Manage KPIs on digital marketing channels including paid search, display, video, remarketing and social media
  • Measure traditional media (reach and frequency) on quarterly or bi-annual intervals
  • Daily campaign review, analysis and optimization, and monthly analytics and performance reports for all digital channels
  • Customized digital dashboard that provides performance and seasonality insights
  • Social media management, a/b testing and reporting
  • Call tracking can be integrated with digital strategies
  • Transparent budget management with clear distinctions between vendor costs and time of staff