Every challenge is unique. No two problems are alike. And in most cases, there’s more than one solution.

That’s why our approach can be a different approach, each and every time. Do we establish goals and objectives? Absolutely. Do we use tried and true methods? You betcha. Do we apply it all in a logical step-by-step manner? When it makes sense. But we also explore new routes. Find fresh perspectives.  And flip conventional thinking on its head. But no matter how we go about the process, one thing that never changes is the open line of communication and collaboration between you and us along the way.

We do our homework

  • From past work and research, to your target audience, we dig up every piece of information that creates a picture of you and your competitive environment.
  • We provide you with an audit of our findings, seeking your input to help define your brand and its desired impact.

We theorize and strategize

  • We use brand and audience insights to help identify the best positioning, strategies and tactics to deliver the message.
  • We brainstorm multiple solutions, along with workable strategies, encouraging all contributions between both parties.
  • We work together with you to determine which options are realistic and a smart use of resources.
  • We set goals to ensure we meet campaign objectives and stay on budget.

We concept, create and collaborate

  • We approach conceptual development with a clear understanding of the objective, considering how each communication aligns with your goals.
  • We create multiple engaging ways to tell your story and inspire action.
  • We share multiple solutions from multiple angles through the lens of multiple media.
  • We work closely with you to refine the message and perfect the overall work.

We build road maps

  • We explore distribution plans by negotiating all channels of the media eco-system.
  • We use data to take a thorough look at all relevant channels.
  • Together we carefully construct a road map to a comprehensive and actionable plan.

We watch, listen and learn

  • We test the message and its effectiveness to ensure the creative resonates with the target audience.
  • From analytics to qualitative interpretation, we study the results and refine the work to help achieve our measurable goals, and share our learnings with you.